“No Money, No Problem”-Marketing Strategies (Sorry Biggie)

Plenty of business owners get discouraged simply because they do not have substantial advertising capital and think there aren’t going to be useful methods to advertise their business without deep pockets. This is far from reality.

Even with a large advertising budget, you still need to develop a creative campaign that will produce results. Marketing is more about your message and looking for ways to put it in the world than it is the amount of money you have accessibility to. When you are working with a limited budget, creativity is your greatest asset. Here are 5 methods to market your venture, despite the fact that you have a fat zero in your budget spreadsheet.

1. Develop an active and dedicated social following.

Social media networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter provide you direct access to thousands of prospective consumers, located all over the country. You typically aren’t going to draw in followers by just being average. There certainly are far too many alternatives out there. You need to produce fascinating and unique content so as to build a large following.

As you grow your target audience, you will certainly create a valuable asset that enables you to promote over and over, free from costing you a dollar. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your social audience with constant promotional offers. If someone follows your company on social media, he or she is clearly curious in what you provide. You don’t need to flood your audience members with explicit advertisements; that flood will turn them away and cause them to disconnect with your brand on social media. As an alternative, skillful and clever updates will naturally stimulate attraction in your brand.

2. Develop referral communities with companies that share your audience.

This is an incredibly simple way to place your brand in front of a very targeted audience and fairly quickly build a consumer base and generate revenue, and that in turn will certainly give you much more working capital to scale.

You will need to determine possible referral possibilities that will go well with the product or service of the team up. For instance, a website design company might set up a referral agreement with a local attorney that specializes in corporate filings. The attorney could give the web designer interested clients and be paid a standard fee per deal or a portion of the sale.

It’s essential to create a deal with two things in mind– longevity, and trying to keep the referral partner happy, so he or she keeps on funnelling business your way. While this strategy will eat up a chunk of your profits, it will also allow you to establish your business without the advertising costs

3. Frequently interact with your existing clients. 

Who are the best buyers? Repeat buyers.

You ought to have an email list of all your customers and make it a point to get in contact with every one of them often. Rather than send direct-sales offers, send interesting information on your industry.

A ticket reseller, for example, should segment a customer list into groups based on the kinds of functions they’ve purchased tickets to in the past. In this context, the reseller might send everyone on the “sporting events” list an email when a turning point is reached or some important news report breaks, like a major trade.

This kind of marketing keeps your brand’s top of mind awareness for your customers. This way, the next instance they’re in the market for what you offer, you’ll be the very first firm they consider.

4. Make tracks on the streets.

Way too many new entrepreneurs think that you can think up a business, throw up a website, kick back and wait on the money to roll in. There are numerous success stories about how start-ups turn into multi-million dollar businesses, and while there are plenty of examples, the news never talks about the early-day struggles

Successful companies gain the traction that ultimately equals success because of their founder’s grit and hustle. They eat, sleep and breathe their company. You just can’t hesitate to dive in and do the ground work yourself. So, pound the phones all the time to generate sales. Hit the street, and talk to every possible client you could put yourself in front of.

It does not set you back you anything to hustle, and the end result can be very satisfying.

5. Do one thing virally outrageous.

Dollar Shave Club introduced with a very creative video, which quickly went viral. The video certainly had shock value and triggered folks to watch. This aided the business quickly grow its subscriber base, which enabled it to scale and assert the majority stake in that market place.

If rather Dollar Shave had put out a dry video that was practically nothing more than information regarding its service, it would not have received the media attention and free promotion it managed to take advantage of simply because of a particular viral video.

Something outside the box could pay off.

*I personally do not condone the use of razors for the merciless eradication of defenseless beard hair. #fearthebeard *